Monday, December 6, 2010

Me, My Art, Myself

To: All my kin folk i.e. the procrastinators, unemployed hard workers, underemployed dreamers, overlooked loners, underappreciated artists, over-caffeinated grad students,and any other patrons who happen to stop by my little corner of cyberspace

Subject: A little self indulgent blurb (please bear with me)

I am an insignificant person. Wait! let me rephrase that...I am a happy insignificant person. I revel in the fact that I am mostly anonymous. I say 'mostly' only because I do have a few people who love me and care about me. But other than that I am nothing more than an insignificant grad student who, like most people her age, is in her introspective "where is my life going" phase. In other words I am an EXTREMELY bored grad student in her late twenties whose love for art is only tempered by the fact that she is not much of an artist. I have known for a long time that my work is average. I am not creative in a way that affects people. I don't have the skill or talent to make art that touches the soul, shatters perceptions and creates awe. Hell I can't even create a little discomfort. As a result my art is just as insignificant as I am.

This blog then is not so much about tooting my own horn (especially since there is not much to toot about). It is more a result of an existential crisis (that apparently all grad students have) that is clamouring for an outlet. I feel this irrepressible urge to mingle with artists who have so bravely chosen to share their work and their inspirations- and mostly to become part of a community.

Here's hoping for some stimulating conversation and some mutual inspiration.


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